Mr. Samarth Jaiswal


Before his days with diamonds, Samarth Jaiswal danced with asphalt and wind, a national motorsport race car driver taming steel beasts on racetracks. He traded checkered flags for textbooks, leaving the roar of engines for the quiet wisdom of The Doon School and St. Xavier's, honing his mind like a jeweler polishes a gem.

Drawn to the gleaming allure of his family's trade, he felt a spark ignite within him, a vision of luxury sculpted not just in gold, but in every facet of experience. His heart, ablaze with a love for diamonds purer than moonlight, led him to the hallowed halls of the Gemological Institute of America. There, he learned the delicate craft of gems. And after a decade of meticulous alchemy, where passion morphed into precision, he birthed OMARA Fine Jewellery – a testament to the man who traded tarmac for diamonds, his soul woven into every glittering masterpiece.